Be good to the planet and your palate with breadfruit, Hawaiʻi's legendary staple.


Do you enjoy foods that are delicious, healthy and sustainable?

We’re here to prove the most exciting part of your plate is actually the most important – and overlooked: staples.


Diversify your diet with Hawaiʻi-grown staples - better for you and the ʻāina.

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Got ‘Ulu & Kalo!

The whole process was easy, from ordering online to the delivery to my door! Mahalo for the makana of the ʻulu gelato :-) Our ʻohana is all about supporting local businesses and local ag! Mahalo Hawaiʻi ʻUlu Cooperative!! - Kanoe Wilson

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‘Ono and Perfect

My overall experience with ordering and receiving the products is EXCELLENT!!!!! My kalo arrived in perfect condition and was delicious in all the different ways I used it. - Candy Fujimoto

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I’m so thrilled to have this amazing product easily available via FedEx! It’s an extraordinary carb that really helps mix up the doldrums of potatoes, with a sweet and super healthy blast of Hawaiian delightfulness. - Cindy Rogers

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Right amount of prep

I got this box to encourage myself to use canoe crops every week, or more. It worked! I now buy these foods more often at my own market. - Fiona Weingartner

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I'm so happy with this subscription. The products are delicious and well packaged. It feels great to support local farmers and local agriculture. Tremendous value. - Albert Nahalea


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Our mission is to make it easy for you to incorporate more of Hawaiʻi's delicious staple crops into every meal!