Be good to the planet and your palate with breadfruit, Hawaiʻi's legendary staple.


Did you know most of the world's diet is only supplied by three crops – wheat, corn, and rice? When looking for variety on our plate, we often overlook one of the most important food groups, staples. There are amazing (and often indigenous) starches that have been excluded from our modern food system. We're on a mission to change that by making it easy for you to make your meals as authentic and adventurous as you are!

Try Hawaiʻi-grown ʻulu, the incredibly versatile staple that's good for people and planet.

What can ʻulu do? Learn why breadfruit is most versatile starch on earth.

Bake it. Dice it. Chip it. Mash it. Browse our tested recipes for everything from appetizers and main courses to side dishes and desserts. Soon you’ll be asking yourself: what can’t ‘ulu do? 

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By choosing local starches you are directly contributing to Hawaiʻi's food security and supporting small family farmers.

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