Kodiakooler - Eco-friendly insulated packaging


Hawai‘i ‘Ulu Cooperative is committed to the values of mālama ʻāina – care or protection of the earth. Since the early days of the co-op we knew that we wanted to package our products in the most sustainable and responsible way possible. In order to ship our frozen ʻulu, co-crops, and value added products we needed an alternative to extruded polystyrene – also known as Styrofoam.

Styrofoam can easily blow out of trash bins or landfills and small pieces are often mistaken as food by marine animals. Styrene, which is a by-product of polystyrene, can also leech into the ocean, our waterways, and soil – polluting our environment for generations to come.

After extensive research, we found a 100% biodegradable solution through Kodiakooler, a shipping box manufacturer that has created an effective insulation material using recycled cotton fibers, which do an amazing job keeping our temperature sensitive products chilled during transport.

Our customers now have the choice to either reuse, repurpose, or compost this eco-friendly packaging in any of the following ways:

  1. Composting (cotton fiber insulation will biodegrade in just 27 weeks!) 
  2. Mulching around trees and gardens
  3. Bedding for pets and animals
  4. Cushion filling
  5. Reuse for shipping or shopping

If you’ve already received a package from us, please share with us how you chose to recycle or reuse our packaging in your own unique way.

Check out our online store to see all our recipe-ready ingredients brought to you in eco-friendly boxes.

Mahalo for helping us tread gently on the ʻāina!



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