Ten ways you can support Hawaiʻi's ʻulu movement and our local farmers!

1. Eat more ʻulu, kalo, ʻuala, pala‘ai and learn about the many health benefits. Try out new recipes and enjoy meals with your ʻohana that incorporate Hawaiʻi-grown staples.

    2. Learn more about the co-op's mission and vision and help us spread the word.

      3. Purchase recipe-ready Hawaiʻi-grown staple crops and value added products at retail stores across Hawaiʻi. Visit our product locator.

        4. Tell your friends and family who use SNAP/EBT benefits that they can purchase our minimally processed, Hawaiʻi-grown products at a 50% discount through Da Bux at participating retailers and directly from the co-op in Hilo at our Alae Postharvest Facility.

          5. Support chefs and restaurants that feature Hawaiʻi-grown staples on their menus. If you operate a commercial kitchen or manufacture value-added products and want to use ʻulu, kalo, ʻuala or palaʻai please consider buying in bulk from the co-op.

            6. Support farm-to-school education by donating a classroom or cafeteria box to schools through our website or make a tax deductible contribution to the Hoʻopili ʻAi program through Hawaiʻi Community Foundation (write Hoʻopili ʻAi in the comments).

              7. Learn how to grow and maintain ʻulu trees, and if you already have ʻulu trees with a surplus - join the co-op! We guarantee a market and stable price for your crop and provide technical support services.

                8. If you are a social impact investor, consider buying nonmember preferred stock in the Hawaiʻi ʻUlu Co-op. Contact our GM Dana Shapiro at dana@eatbreadfruit.com for offering details; we are currently seeking to close out the current fundraising round!

                  9. Help the co-op to develop a robust local supply chain by becoming an anchor supplier, aggregator, processor or assist us with transport and/or cold storage logistics. 

                    10. Tell a local farmer how important they are to you and that their contribution makes a huge difference for our collective health, Hawaiʻi’s environment and the economy!

                    Hawaii Ulu Coop processing staff throwing shakas


                    Mahalo for your support!

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