E hālāwai pu me ka ‘ulu!

Meet ‘ulu, or breadfruit: a nourishing, versatile, and sustainable crop. Satisfy your ‘ōpū (belly) and creativity with Hawai’i-grown ‘ulu. We make ‘ulu easy!

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‘Ulu is the most versatile staple food on Earth. Depending on its maturity, breadfruit can be firm and savory likea potato; soft, sweet, and fruity like a ripe banana; or even used like artichoke hearts! Even better, it is rich in vitamins and nutrients, good for the planet, and absolutely delicious!

Cubed pala'ai squash on cutting board. Cubed pala'ai squash on cutting board.

ʻUlu in the Kitchen

Eating well is easy with our recipe-ready ‘ulu. Our minimally processed ‘ulu is picked fresh from our farmers' trees and washed, cut, steamed, and frozen, making it quick and easy to use anytime.

Our recipe collection showcases just how versatile ‘ulu is: from chowder and ‘ulu chips to chocolate mousse and ice cream, itʻs easy (and fun!) to make ‘ulu a frequent staple at your table.

ʻUlu Recipes

ʻUlu Wedges

Big mahalo to Chef Dan at Magic’s Beach Grill for this great take on the classic potato wedge!

ʻUlu Hummus

A traditional hummus recipe– a savory, legume-free hummus made with breadfruit.

Soft Baked ʻUlu Mochi

A delicious traditional mochi that uses sweet, ripe breadfruit. Itʻs great to bring to a lū‘au or family gathering!

One of Hawai‘i’s original food crops

ʻUlu is one of Hawai‘i’s original food crops that’s been a local staple for nearly a thousand years! ‘Ulu, or breadfruit, is an incredibly versatile food that can be prepared in a wide variety of creative, delicious ways. Its nutritional content and the fact it’s one of the most sustainable and environmentally friendly foods on the planet makes it a healthy addition to almost any diet.

‘Ulu: Past to Present

A Crop for Climate Resilience

We are Bringing ‘Ulu Back

Learn More About ʻUlu

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Our Farmers Grow ʻUlu

We formed the Hawai‘i ‘Ulu Cooperative to share knowledge about this remarkable fruit and make it easier for island residents and visitors to find, cook with, and enjoy ‘ulu year-round.

Let us help you savor the true taste of the islands—from our trees to your table

Meet one of our farms – Māla Kalu‘ulu

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Discover Recipe-Ready ʻUlu

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’Ulu is one of the most climate-friendly, nutrient-dense foods you can put on your plate. You can support local farmers, regenerative agroforestry, and community health – and reduce Hawaiʻi’s dependence on imported staples – by choosing to eat more ʻulu. Be a part of the revʻulution by eating and cooking breadfruit! Let us do all the hard work for you, and stock up on recipe-ready ʻulu. 

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