Meet ʻuala: Delicious, Nutritious, and Beautiful

Brighten your plate with heirloom, Hawai’i-grown sweet potato – made easy!

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Sweet and savory, rich in vitamins and nutrients, good for the earth, and delicious in so many versatile ways!

Eating well is easy with recipe-ready ʻuala – farm-fresh and already washed, cut, steamed and frozen – making it simple to use in the kitchen anytime.

Cubed pala'ai squash on cutting board. Cubed pala'ai squash on cutting board.

ʻUala in the Kitchen

Is sweet potato a foundational food in your home? This humble crop sustained civilizations for millenia; learn how to make it a culinary staple – from soups and salads to pies and cakes – with our recipe collection.

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Burmese Style Squash and Sweet Potato Salad

Healthy and refreshing, load this Burmese style salad up with fresh, local veggies.

Sweet Potato ʻUlu Hash with Pineapple and Egg

My dish is sweet potato hash with pineapple and egg as the two main locally grown ingredients. Ot...

Farm-to-Table Sweet Potato Gnocchi

A unique sweet potato gnocchi recipe that is simple and easy to make. Enjoy this fun and colorful homemade pasta recipe with pumpkin alfredo sauce!

Sweet Potato: Past to Present

ʻUala, also known as sweet potato or okinawan sweet potato, is one of the oldest known crops, originating in the western hemisphere and grown sustainably by Native Americans for thousands of years. Now spread globally, sweet potato is a sustainable favorite, fitting well into the Pacific agroforestry model and introduced to Hawaiʻi during the plantation days. 

From the three sisters to Pacific agroforestry, ʻuala has always played an important role in sustainable food systems.

Learn More About Palaʻai

Squash Nutrition and Health Benefits

Pala'ai (pumpkin or winter squash) is rich in vitamins and nutrients to support eyes, heart, and gut health.

Meet Our Pala'ai Ambassador

Sarah Burchard, also known as the Healthy Locavore, is a Honolulu-based freelance writer, contrib...

Squash Sustainability and Agroforestry

Pala'ai - also known as pumpkin or winter squash - is one of the oldest known crops.

Our Farmers Grow Sweet Potato

Our “farmer owned, ‘āina grown” approach enables farmers to focus on farming, while the co-op takes on aggregation, processing and marketing for them – helping to make small, diversified agriculture in Hawaiʻi viable and the islands more food secure. 

Meet our farmer – Sweet Treats and Eats

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Discover Recipe-Ready ʻUala

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Co-crops like ʻuala support local farmers, regenerative agroforestry, and community health, and reduce Hawaiʻi’s dependence on imported staples. You can contribute in the most delicious way – by eating and cooking with heirloom sweet potato! Let us make it easy for you with our recipe-ready ʻuala. 

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