‘Uala Recipes

Browse our recipes using ‘Uala for everything from appetizers and main courses to side dishes and desserts.

‘Uala Recipes

Purple Sweet Potato Pie

Vivid purple Okinawan sweet potato packs healthy antioxidants into this delicious pie recipe - perfect for dessert or as a quick breakfast on the go.

Easy ʻUala Bread

A simple sweet potato bread recipe perfect for an afternoon snack, french toast or bread pudding.

Steamed ‘Uala Mochi

Enjoy plain or with your favorite toppings like toasted coconut, kinako powder, matcha powder, etc.. Mochi can also be stuffed prior to cooking with your desired filling like peanut butter, coconut, lima bean paste, azuki

ʻUlu & ʻuala hash with pineapple & egg

A healthy Hawaiʻi style breakfast by Waipahu HS culinary student Jay Miguel. Made with his childhood favorites, this ʻuala hash will start your day off right!

Burmese Style Squash & Okinawan Sweet Potato Salad

Not your typical salad. A healthy & refreshing Burmese-style salad made with Hawaiʻi grown ʻuala (sweet potato) & palaʻai (squash). Itʻs delicious & nutritious!

Vegan Poke

Looking for a tasty vegan poke recipe for a hot summer day? Try this gluten-free, veggie style-twist on classic poke made by Waipahu High School culinary students! Watch the video found below for a step-by-step tutorial of this recipe led by culinary students.


how to cook fresh ‘Uala

How to Order Using SNAP-EBT & DA BUX

Shortening the distance between local consumers and farmers, the Hawaiʻi ʻUlu Co-op is proud to support Hawaiʻi families by accepting SNAP-EBT for all our food products and offering DA BUX discounts for our minimally-processed, Hawaiʻi-grown and -made products. Our customers can recieve a 50% discount on our products when ordering with SNAP-EBT & DA BUX.

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Enjoy these 12oz bags of recipe-ready ‘Uala (aka Okinawan Sweet Potato) that are CLEANED, CUT, partially PRECOOKED, and ready to finish in a skillet, soup, or stew!

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