Meet Our Farmers!

Hawaiʻi ʻUlu Co-op is owned by over 120 small, diversified family farms on Hawaiʻi Island and Maui. We come from all walks of life, but are united through our passion for ʻulu and commitment to farming in a way that honors the past while caring deeply for the future. Together, we work to accomplish far more than the sum of our parts - building a sustainable breadfruit industry that will help fuel Hawaiʻi's path toward greater food security, resilience and prosperity.

Farmer Stories

Tanaka Farm

Sweet Cane Cafe ʻOhana

Pilialoha Farms

Māla Kaluʻulu

Sweet Treats & Eats

Kaivao Farm

Wong Way Farm

Wilson Galdones

‘Aina Ahiu Farm

More farmer stories coming soon!

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