Aunty Berta and Uncle Isaac

Aunty Berta and Uncle Isaac farm in Keauhou, on leeward Hawaiʻi Island, where they grow ʻulu, mangoes, jackfruit, and other fruit trees in a diversified, highly productive homestead. They have played an integral part in building Hawaiʻi's ʻulu industry, as Aunty Berta created one of the first value-added breadfruit flour products in the state - her signature "pancrepe" mix! 

Aunty Berta's ʻUlu Pancrepe Mix

In 2011, Auntie Berta and Uncle Isaac planted 62 ʻulu trees in Keauhou, Hawaiʻi Island. Once their trees began fruiting, they sold their crop to local grocery stores and distributors. But there was so much fruit they could not sell it all. 

Freshly harvested ʻulu

When Auntie Berta saw how much was being wasted she began processing the ʻulu into flour to preserve it. 

With community support, she founded the Hawaiian ʻUlu Company LLC and developed an ʻulu "pancrepe" mix which was a popular product at farmerʻs markets and local grocery stores. She stopped producing the product commercially after an injury. 

Today, she and Uncle Isaac have close to 80 trees! They are happy to be members of the Hawaiʻi ʻUlu Co-op because it enables them to continue making full use of their abundant crop. 

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