Wong Way Farm

Wong Way Farm

Farmer Story: 

On the slopes of Mauna a Kea, with the ocean glimmering in the distance, you will find Wally Wong tending to his orchards, gardens and animals. 

Wally started Wong Way Farm in 2005 growing maiʻa, kalo, ʻulu and kukui. Since then he has added a few citrus, avocado, mango and niu trees as well as chickens, ducks and goats. Occasionally he also grows ʻuala. 

taro roots

“We started farming to make use of our land and to grow things to eat,” Wally said. “I traveled around the island collecting different varieties of trees and plants. My favorite stop was Amy Greenwell Botanical Garden.”

The abundance of rain in this area makes for ideal growing conditions. Wally originally started growing kalo to make his own poi. 

taro patch

The price of poi was outrageous,” he said, “and the supply was scarce. There was never poi in the store when you were ʻono for it.”

Wally hopes that there will be a market for his kalo and the vast number of varieties grown in Hawaiʻi.  He says his favorite thing about kalo is watching it grow. 


“Our trees and mala are happy and fruitful,” Wally said. “Come plant with us!”


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Featured Recipe:

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