Hawaiʻi-grown staples like ʻulu, kalo and ʻuala are now available recipe-ready at local retailers

August 26, 2022 (Hawaiʻi Public Radio) A statistic most people in Hawaiʻi know is that 85% to 90% of our food is imported. But the food group in which we’re the least self-sufficient is staples like rice, wheat and potatoes.

To help Hawaiʻi families shake their dependence on imported staples, the Hawaiʻi ʻUlu Cooperative is working to provide recipe-ready packs of locally grown staples like ‘ulu or breadfruit.

Dana Shapiro, general manager of the Hawaiʻi ʻUlu Cooperative, says she’s excited about the recent rollout of recipe-ready packs of Hawaiʻi-grown staples.

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