ʻUlu Agroforestry in Hawaiʻi

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Ulu Agroforestry Webinar 6-15-22 5 pm HST on Zoom
Want to gain more insight about ʻUlu Agroforestry in Hawaiʻi? Watch this recorded webinar which took place on Wednesday June 15, 2022 
featuring guest speakers who contributed to authoring the ʻUlu Agroforestry in Hawaiʻi Guide.

In this ʻulu agroforestry webinar recording we hear from a panel of experienced speakers on the agroforestry techniques and the methods they use on their farms. Panelists cover the many benefits for the people and the ʻaina when using sustainable diversified agriculture and agroforestry, and answer questions about growing these sustainable crops.

Guest speakers:

 Andrew Trump: Andrew is Vice President of Island Harvest Inc., an organic farm in North Kohala managing about 700 acres of macadamia nuts, and in recent years diversified with 'ulu plantings managed using intensive silvopasture with over 1000 head of tropical hair sheep rotating through the orchard on a regular basis. Andrew has also been a board director for the Hawaii Ulu Co-op since 2018 and has helped the co-op with a number of initiatives, including assisting to develop our most recent agroforestry guide. 

Noa Lincoln: Noa is a Professor of Indigenous Crops and Cropping Systems at the University of Hawai’i at Mānoa, and the production advisor to the Hawai’i Ulu Cooperative.

Noel Dickinson: A small farmer, born and raised in Hawaii, Noel Dickinson is Coordinator for the Breadfruit Institute at National Tropical Botanical Garden. Noel attended the University of Hawaii in Hilo where she received a Plant Tissue Culture Certification in addition to a B.S. in Horticulture with specialization in Tropical Plant Science and Agroecology. Her work includes the establishment, management, and monitoring of the Regenerative Organic Breadfruit Agroforestry demonstration at McBryde Garden on the island of Kauai; as well as collaborative work to conserve the breadfruit collection across NTBG’s gardens.

Dave Sansone: Dave Sansone has 20 years of experience developing low-input and low-maintenance agroforestry systems that "let Nature do the work" to beat the weeds and increase production.  He offers consultation, design, installation, and education services to a wide range of clients.  

Zach Mermel: Zach is the founder of Ola Design Group, an ecological land planning firm based on Hawai'i Island. Over the past 15 years, he has conducted more than 300 land consultations, and crafted dozens of landscape designs, across the archipelago, and also internationally. 

Noeau Peralto: Dr. Noʻeau Peralto was born and raised in Waiākea Uka, Hilo, Hawaiʻi, and is a proud descendant of kūpuna from Koholālele, Hāmākua, where he now serves as the Executive Director of Hui Mālama i ke Ala ʻŪlili (huiMAU)--a grassroots, Native Hawaiian nonprofit organization whose mission is to re-establish the systems that sustain our community through place-based educational initiatives and ‘āina-centered practices that cultivate abundance, regenerate responsibilities, and promote collective health and well-being.

Harry Greene:  CIO and co-founder at Propagate Ventures, a firm that helps farmers & landowners make agroforestry work for them by balancing short-term income with long-term returns. Harry also Farms on 50 acres outside of Ithaca, New York. 

Troy Keolanui, partner OK Farms: In 2002, he formed a partnership with Olson Trust to establish for O.K. Farms on the Wailuku river in Hilo, and over the past 20 years has worked to transform the property into a thriving diversified farm, eco-destination, and community site. The farm’s success has in large part been built on Troy’s vision and farming skills, his long-term relationships with local wholesalers, continuing willingness to learn and diversify, and, above all, his passion for this Hawai‘i land.

RSVP for the Community Planting Day

Friday 7/1 @9AM at OK Farms in Hilo

Please use this form above RSVP for a community planting day on Friday, July 1st at 9 AM at OK Farms located in North Hilo, Hawaiʻi Island. Address and directions will be sent a week before the event.

In partnership with Propagate Ventures and OK Farms, Hawaiʻi ʻUlu Co-op (HUC) is designing and implementing a 5-acre ʻulu agroforestry site with various co-crops including kalo, maʻai and palaʻai! Please join us for this hands-on opportunity to learn about the beginning stages of planting an agroforestry installation in Hawaiʻi.

Plan to meet at the farm at 9 AM to begin planting and we will provide snacks and refreshments for attendees; feel free to bring a friend or two and get your hands in the ʻāina with us!