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There has recently been growing interest in indigenous crops and diets, arising from greater awareness of indigenous knowledge as a worldview that provides personal, community, and environmental benefits. These benefits include, but are not limited to, health and wellbeing, food security, climate resilience, and preservation of culture.

The Hawai‘i-grown staple crops featured  in this recipe book are ‘ulu (breadfruit), kalo (taro), ‘uala (sweet potato), and pala‘ai (pumpkin). The first three are traditional Polynesian starches that were originally brought to the islands many hundreds of years ago in the first Hawaiians’ voyaging canoes and lovingly cultivated throughout the islands. Pala‘ai (pumpkin) was later introduced to Hawai‘i by immigrant sugar plantation workers.

These staples have a number of health-promoting qualities such as protein, complex carbohydrates, fiber, vitamins, and minerals.

We hope this cookbook will help you find delicious ways to incorporate more nourishment from our Hawaiian roots (and fruits) in your daily diet!


Table of Contents


‘Ulu Patties by Richard “Uncle Ricky” Rocker
Chicken Cacciatore by Justine Ma

Ripe ‘Ulu

‘Ulu Sweet Bread by Cynthia Archibald
Ripe ‘Ulu Peanut Butter, Banana “Milkshake” by Chris Fujimoto

‘Ulu Flour

Diabetic Friendly Smoothie by Casey Halpern
Palaoa Pu‘upu‘u ‘Ulu (‘Ulu & Mochiko Flour Waffles) by Kumu DJ High
All Purpose ‘Ulu Flour Mini Chocolate Cakes by Kumu DJ High
‘Ulu Gnocchi with Roasted Pala‘ai & Sage Infused Browned Butter by Cynthia Archibald
Curried Pala‘ai & Lentil Stew by Jesse Lipman (Kōkua Kalihi Valley)


Poi by Sarah Burchard
Poi Vinaigrette by Alan Wong (Alan Wong's Restaurants)
Kalo Nishime by Kenta Nemoto


‘Uala Haupia Pie by Anissa Lucero
‘Uala Tacos by Cynthia Archibald


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Mahalo to Cynthia Archibald & Kirthi Hagalwadi for your invaluable support bringing this cookbook to fruition. Mahalo to all ‘Ulu Ambassadors, Jesse Lipman, Alan Wong, Anissa Lucero who contributed recipes for this cookbook! Mahalo to Ka‘iulani Odom, Kaitlyn Shimizu and Aleena Kai for editing assistance. Designed by Andrea Calhoun





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