Kumu ʻUlu Box Video Series

During 2020-21, HUC partnered with Foodcorps Hawaiʻi to bring an Americorps service member into two public elementary schools on the East side of Hawaiʻi Island for garden and nutrition education and support. Our service member also supported the development and scholarship distribution for our Kumu ʻUlu Box, a distance-learning, hands-on mealkit, delivering farm-fresh ʻulu as well as culture, history, language and science lesson components straight to students’ homes.

The five short videos below were created by our service member to supplement different educational materials included in the box. Also find below a full length cooking demo of our keiki-approved fries recipe with Chef Mark Noguchi and his ʻohana. Watch with your keiki to learn more about ʻulu!

Parts of the ʻUlu Tree: Matching Game

This video features Leia and Anna as they run around the breadfruit orchard matching the parts of the ‘ulu tree in both Hawaiian and English. Learn the different parts of the ʻulu tree in two languages and test your knowledge at home by cutting out your own cards and playing the matching memory game.

 ʻUlu Culinary Science Activity

Put on your chef apron and grab your scientist goggles, in this video we will learn about the history of ʻulu and the intersection of science and food. This activity is located on the back of the laminated recipe card in the education packet. Get ready to explore the difference between breadfruit maturity stages using your senses!

ʻUlu Fries Cooking Demo with Chef Mark Noguchi:

Join the Noguchi ʻohana as they open up their Kumu ʻUlu Box and prepare Chef Mark Noguchi’s delicious crispy ʻulu fries recipe. Perfect for cooks of all ages, this twist on classic french fries also packs in the nutritious vitamins and antioxidants of breadfruit!

Let’s Mail ‘Ulu Postcards Together!

Do you love art and writing letters? In this video we review winning student art from the 2020 Rev‘ULUtion Student Art Contest and write a postcard together to someone special, describing what we love about breadfruit. Share the Rev‘ULUtion by sending your own ‘ulu themed postcard!

‘Ulu Lā Repurposed: DIY Seedling Pot

Make your own seedling pot using a repurposed ‘Ulu Lā chocolate mousse container! This tutorial shows all ages just how fun and easy it is to grow your own vegetables and herbs, from tiny seeds to established plants. Upcycling packaging is fun and easy too, a little bit of creative thinking is all it takes to reduce waste and give an object new life.

“The Gift of Kū” Color Along

‘Ulu story time! Get comfortable and watch this satisfying coloring timelapse while listening to moʻolelo adapted from Caren Loebel-Fried's block print "The Gift of Kū," included in the ʻUlu Education Packet. You can also grab your own art supplies and color while you listen!

Aligning early education with local foods and indigenous crops not only supports Hawaiʻi’s local food system but also grounds the next generation in a stronger sense of place and connection to the islands’ history, culture, and natural resources. Continue to foster your keiki’s connection to ʻulu by pairing the videos above with the Kumu ʻUlu Educational Packet below!
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