ʻUlu Ambassador: Cynthia Archibald - Nutrition Ecologist

Cynthia Archibald

Cynthia Archibald, or “Archy" as she is commonly known, has been a resident of Oahu's North Shore for over 20 years. Cynthia received an MS in Holistic Nutrition in 2017. Her final thesis focused on “farm-to-school” programs and their potential to vastly improve sectors such as public health, food security, the environment, and the economy. In the course of her research, Cynthia also studied indigenous Polynesian diets and the role of canoe crops in ancient Hawai‘i.

In 2022, Cynthia completed a Graduate certificate through the renowned Gastronomy program at Boston University, which allowed her to further her knowledge of Food Anthropology to include indigenous diets. In addition, Cynthia has studied US food policy and researched the role of the five senses in food procurement, preparation, and eating.


Now, Cynthia uses her education to provide new ways of connecting community members and policy-makers. Her journey has motivated her to specifically help Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander populations that are disproportionately affected by chronic diseases. She is also a strong advocate for local agriculture as an avenue to improve the state’s food security, sovereignty, and sustainability. In her current role, Cynthia offers one-on-one nutrition counseling, educational talks, and corporate workshops within her community. 

Passionate about the intersection between nutrition, sustainability, food security, and restoring/preserving native foodways, Cynthia is committed to improving the health of our island community.

If you're looking for a Nutrition Coach visit Cynthia's website North Shore Nutrition for more information on her holistic nutrition counseling. 

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