ʻUlu Ambassador: Kevin Carvalho

Firmly linked to his roots and looking toward the future, Kevin Carvalho is passionate about Hawaiʻi, nature, gastronomy, and life. His focus is on exploring all the gastronomic possibilities of local Hawaiian ingredients, combining his classic trained techniques with modern execution. 

Using the "nothing goes to waste" philosophy is one of the many traits that allows Kevinʻs dishes to stand out. "Being able to see a product from harvest to service is what it's all about. When I'm not cooking, I'm hunting and gathering for ingredients to cook." 

Kevin joined Dean and Deluca Hawaiʻi as their Executive Chef in 2019, where he brings his locally inspired modern touch to the high-end brand.  "Growing up in Hawaiʻi, the best produce and best seafood is right at our front door. Being able to showcase these ingredients to their fullest potential is what I love doing." 

Check out Chef Kevin's amazing recipe for Herb Crusted ʻUlu with Vadouvan and Pickled Mango Chutney!


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