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View and download our resources for farm to school and food service programs including posters, flyers, and recipes.

What would you do with ‘ulu?

You can make beef stew, mashed ‘ulu, ‘ulu bread, ‘ulu chips. Download this educational poster.

From Our Farms to Your Schools: Get ‘Ono for ‘Ulu! (Poster, March 2018)

Get to know ulu!

Calling all teachers and parents! 

Share and educate your Keiki about harvesting and farming. Learn about the ‘ulu, storage &usage tips, and nutritional facts about ‘ulu.
Download this poster for more details.

Get to Know ‘Ulu: ‘Aina Pono Harvest of the Month

‘Ono for beef stew?

This flavorful, melt-in-your-mouth ‘ulu (breadfruit) beef stew recipe is worth trying. Dig in and share it with your family.
Download this recipe poster and start cooking.

Recipe: ‘Ulu Beef Stew

Okinawan Sweet Potato 101.

Learn about the crop, nutrition facts, storage, and usage tips.
Read more about this wonderful sweet potato by downloading the poster.

Get to Know Okinawan Sweet Potato: ‘Aina Pono Harvest of the Month

Need a tasty pie recipe?

I have one for you. Try this delicious baked Okinawan Sweet Potato Pie recipe by Edita Montgomery from Keolu Elementary School.
Download this recipe poster and happy baking!

Recipe: Okinawan Sweet Potato Pie

Green Papaya 101.

Educate yourself with this quick history and nutritional facts about the healthiest fruit in the world.
Download this educational poster.

Get to Know Green Papaya: ‘Aina Pono Harvest of the Month

Green papaya soup? 

Enjoy this hearty soup incorporated with the healthiest fruit in the world. It is a fast and delicious soup you will ever going to make. Download the poster to get the recipe.

Recipe: Chicken Green Papaya Soup

What is mai‘a? is it a banana?

Download this poster if you want to have learned more about how it got discovered and interesting facts that you will never believe.

Get to Know Mai‘a: ‘Aina Pono Harvest of the Month

Are you getting hungry?

Bake your way down to this mai‘a (banana) ‘ulu (breadfruit) bread recipe. Download the poster to get started with the recipe.

Recipe: Mai‘a ‘Ulu Bread

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