Join the Hawai‘i ‘Ulu Cooperative

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Why should I join?

Hawaii Ulu Co-op member holding tray of harvested breadfruitMembers of the Hawai‘i ‘Ulu Cooperative receive these benefits:

  • Premium price and guaranteed market for their fruit
  • Technical assistance and ongoing training in sustainable production practices 
  • Customized guidance and support from leading researchers and agronomists in the field
  • Marketing, sales, education, outreach, and administration is all taken care of
  • Being part of a community of like-minded producers with shared values
  • Participating in the governance of a new, exciting, local farmer-owned and -operated venture
  • Helping to increase Hawai‘i’s food security and sustainability
  • Collaboration with other community groups to move Hawai‘i’s food system in the right direction
  • Sharing in the earnings of the business
  • Single taxation advantage



Why a cooperative structure?

We determined a co-op structure was the right business model for us because of our primary goal to develop a sustainable breadfruit industry in Hawai‘i that supports farmers and the community. To achieve this vision, we need a large number of small, diversified ‘ulu producers working together to meet Hawai‘i’s demand for nutritious food  (rather than a small number of large plantations). By coming together in a co-op, local producers are able to develop economies of scale, ensure year-round production, attain bargaining power, and leverage each other’s social, economic, political, and other resources to bring the project to fruition and benefit more of Hawai‘i’s communities.

How do I join?

To apply for membership, please download and complete our Membership Agreement and Breadfruit Supplier Questionnaire Print, sign, and mail these documents along with a check for $125* to:

Hawai‘i ‘Ulu Producers Cooperative
79-1017 E Honalo Rd
Kailua-Kona, HI 96740

    *Please make checks payable to Hawai‘i ‘Ulu Producers Cooperative. Payment includes $100 one-time purchase of common stock entitling you to one vote (fully refundable upon membership termination), and $25 first-year annual membership dues. 


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