‘Ulu Production Guides

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View and download resources below for breadfruit tree care including harvesting, propagation, pruning, and safety considerations.


Get the best from your crop: Harvest & Delivery Guidelines

Harvesting ‘ulu at the right time with proper handling practices is the vital conclusion of growing breadfruit & delivering your ‘ulu to the co-op. This guideline identifying fruit maturity, grading fruit, and post-harvest techniques will increase the amount of marketable ‘ulu that your farm can produce. Harvesting assistance, transporting methods, and contact information for drop-off can be found here as well. Download the guideline below to get up to speed on best harvesting practices!

Fruit Harvesting Guideline

 Ulu Propagation Techniques

Strength in numbers: Propagation Techniques 

For backyard & commercial growers alike, if you are curious about the methods and viability of different propagation methods for breadfruit trees - look no further! This comparative guide details information on 7 types of ‘ulu propagation techniques and how they best can be used by producers, from small scale individual farmers to large commercial growers. Download the guide below to learn more about propagation techniques for your farm!

‘Ulu Propagation Techniques 

Pruning Breadfruit Handbook

A little off the top: pruning your trees for health and production

Maintaining a consistent pruning schedule will help your breadfruit trees be as healthy & productive as possible during fruiting years. This 12-page guide details the techniques, cuts, equipment, and decision-making process involved in creating a pruning schedule. Links to videos where local farmers detail methods and specific situations such as reclaiming a tall tree, cutting back an unmaintained tree, or preventing bark peeling. Download the link below to get the top-to-bottom info on pruning your trees!

Pruning Breadfruit Handbook

Ulu Farm to Facility

Learn about safety from the farm to the market

Do you have a proper hand-washing station, or a first-aid kit close by on your farm? Check out this flyer on Farm to Facility Produce Safety and learn more about best practices when it comes to ensuring the safety of your crop and employees. This includes harvesting, post-harvest practices, and transport-related standards. Download the flyer below and get familiar with best safety practices for your farm!

‘Ulu Farm to Facility Produce Safety

‘Ulu Grafting and Air Layering

Learn more about Grafting and Air Layering Techniques 

Do you want to learn more about successful grafting or air layering techniques? Anthony and Sami of Grow Paradise walk us through several grafting techniques along with proper air layering procedures. Applying these techniques can help to increase propagation numbers on your farm! Learn more about these techniques by downloading the link below!

‘Ulu Grafting and Air Layering