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Educational Videos

Watch our NEW educational video series, E Hālāwai Pū Me Ka ʻUlu - Get To Know Breadfruit! This project is a collaboration with the Hawai‘i Farm to School Hui / Hawai‘i Public Health Institute and supported by the Patagonia Foundation. The purpose of the series is to foster greater utilization of ‘ulu in Hawai‘i, and to increase public awareness of the crop’s history and benefits for the islands.

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About the Hawaiʻi ʻUlu Cooperative

What exactly is a cooperative, and how can a cooperative structure benefit small-scale farmers? In this video, Hawai‘i ‘Ulu Cooperative’s General Manager, Dana Shapiro, and other members of our organization answer these questions. Watch and learn about how you can join the co-op movement!


Meet Hawai‘i's ‘Ulu Farmers

Meet some of Hawai‘i’s ‘ulu farmers, the backbone of the islands’ emerging breadfruit industry. Like most agricultural producers in Hawai‘i, our ‘ulu farmers tend to be small-scale, highly diversified growers, with a passion for stewarding the ‘āina and feeding our communities.


‘Ulu and Food Security

In Hawai‘i, we import an estimated 85 to 90 percent of our food today, whereas just a few centuries ago our islands were completely self-sufficient. Our heavy dependence on imports makes us vulnerable to shipping disruptions that could result from environmental, economic, or political upheaval. Food system professionals John Cadman of Pono Pies and Kristin Albrecht of the Hawai‘i Food Basket explain why establishing a resilient agricultural system is essential to the well-being of our islands, and discuss the importance of ‘ulu to our local food system.


‘Ulu and Sustainability

‘Ulu has the potential to help improve Hawai‘i’s long-term resilience, health, food security, and community economic vitality. In this video, we hear from composting expert and founder of Mā‘ona Community Garden, Chantal Chung, Dr. Noa Lincoln of the University of Hawai‘i, and co-op manager Dana Shapiro about why ‘ulu may be the answer to our islands’ sustainability challenges.


Nutritional Benefits of ‘Ulu

Did you know that the traditional Polynesian diet was among the healthiest in the world? Learn why ‘ulu, one of Hawai‘i’s indigenous staples, is a powerhouse of nutrition by listening to the mana‘o of registered dietitian Jodie Leslie Matsou and Dr. Carol Titcomb, pediatrician at the Waimānalo Health Center. This video also features the pioneering work of the Kona Community Hospital to introduce the nutritional benefits of ‘ulu to its patients and the broader community.


‘Ulu in the Kitchen

‘Ulu is an incredibly versatile food that can be used to make anything from pancakes to poké and even pickles! In this video, celebrity chef Mark “Gooch” Noguchi, Hawaiian cultural practitioner Kealoha Domingo, and other culinary leaders in Hawai‘i share some great recipe ideas and useful tips for cooking with ‘ulu. Warning: Watching this video may make your mouth water!


ʻUlu Maturity Stages

Did you know that ‘ulu can be used in appetizers, entrées, and even desserts, depending on when you harvest the fruit? This video reveals the numerous flavors, textures, colors, and uses of ‘ulu at each maturity stage. Get inspired by the variety of dishes you can make with this incredibly versatile crop!

ʻUlu Production Practices

Farmers draw on both traditional and modern practices to grow food sustainably. In this video, Dr. Noa Lincoln, Professor of Indigenous Crops and Cropping Systems at the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa, discusses indigenous techniques and current production recommendations for ‘ulu cultivation, focusing on nutrient demands, fertilization, pruning, and varietal selection.

ʻUlu in Schools

The average Hawai‘i resident today eats ‘ulu LESS than three times per year. To increase consumption of this nutritious heritage crop, we’ve committed to introducing ‘ulu to a new generation of local consumers, starting with keiki. Learn about the important work of the Hawai‘i Farm to School Hui and the Hawai‘i State Department of Education’s ‘Aina Pono Farm to School Program in introducing ‘ulu to Hawai‘i’s students, and the USDA’s decision to count ‘ulu as a whole grain component in reimbursable school meals.


Please share your feedback on the videos via this form!

To view all our videos please visit our YouTube channel.


Educational Videos | For Growers | For Schools
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Educational Videos | For Growers | For Schools

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