‘Ulu Lā (ooh loo la!) – Our Ready-to-Eat Products

Ulu La hummus

‘Ulu is one of the most versatile natural foods on the planet, making it a delightful ingredient for creative professional and home chefs alike. As local and global interest in ‘ulu continues to grow, we developed a line of scrumptious ‘ulu-based products we proudly call ‘Ulu Lā – “The Age of ‘Ulu” in Hawaiian.

Made with our locally grown, farm-fresh ‘ulu, our ‘Ulu Lā products have earned the Hawai‘i Seal of Quality and contain local and/or organic ingredients whenever possible. They’re also free of dairy, eggs, gluten, and GMOs, and are ready to eat straight out of our recycled-content/recyclable packaging. ‘Ulu Lā indeed!

Traditional and ‘Inamona-Macnut Hummus

Ulu La Traditional and Inamona-Macnut Hummus
Made with Mature ‘ulu, our ‘Ulu Lā Hummus comes in Traditional and new ‘Inamona-Macadamia Nut flavors. Our Traditional hummus offers a zesty kick with organic lemon juice, garlic and cumin, while our ‘Inamona-MacNut hummus features local roasted kukui nuts, mac nuts, and sea salt for a distinctly Hawaiian flavor. Available in 8-oz, 16-oz, and 64-oz containers.

Chocolate Mousse

Ulu La Chocolate Mousse
Our gluten-free ‘Ulu Lā chocolate mousse is made with ripe ‘ulu, certified-organic/fair-trade 72% dark chocolate, pure coconut milk, and local honey. Available by special order only in 6-oz, 16-oz, and 64-oz containers.

Where to Buy

You can find our ‘Ulu Lā products at these Hawai‘i Island markets and distributors: