Reheat Before You Eat: How to Eat Recipe-Ready Staples

pumpkin taro sweet potato


We use “Recipe-Ready” to describe how our frozen staples arrive to you cleaned, chopped, par-cooked and ready to use in any recipe you can imagine. Simply defrost and incorporate into your favorite soup, stir-fry or baked good to reheat - find recipe ideas here!

Reheat before you eat!

Recipe-ready staples are also delicious "straight-up" or as a substitute for plain sides like rice, bread or potatoes. For the best flavor and texture, use the tried and tested tips below to reheat frozen or defrosted ʻuala, kalo and palaʻai with your microwave, stovetop or oven before eating.

Whatever you’re working with in the kitchen and however much time you have on your hands, we’re here to help make mealtime quick, easy and packed with healthy nutrition.

Kalo - Taro 

Palaʻai - Pumpkin

 ʻUala - Sweet Potato

Get the delicious results you want from your frozen Hawaii-grown staples with the instructions above for preparing frozen squash, frozen taro and frozen sweet potatoes. With minimally-processed starches in your freezer, the power is in your hands to put together a truly nutritious meal at any time! 

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