ʻUlu Chicken Curry

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Logan S

‘Ulu chicken curry was a surprising twist on your typical chicken curry dish. The ‘Ulu was an excellent replacement for your typical potatoes in chicken curry. There was not much difference between the taste of potatoes and ‘Ulu. As for prep time for making the curry, that up to the chef’s level of expertise in the kitchen. Prep time for this dish could range anywhere from 20 – 45 minutes. As for following the instructions for defrosting the ‘Ulu it really depends on how cold your freezer gets. Personally in steaming the ‘Ulu it roughly only took 10 minutes, but it is very crucial you periodically check on how the state of the ‘Ulu. I over-steamed the ‘Ulu too much so it became a little bit too mushy for my liking for chicken curry. Instead of adding the ‘Ulu instead of the pot of curry while cooking and simmering, I added it at the end while it was ready to serve. The overall cook time could range anywhere from 60 – 120 minutes depending on how firm or soft you want the vegetables and chicken to be.

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