Crispy Fried 'Ulu Wedges

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Logan S

This was my favorite savory snack utilizing ‘Ulu. I personally recommend taking the ‘Ulu out of the freezer the night before to thaw out overnight. This is a very easy dish to make and great for the kiddos, grandma and grandpa too. Cutting the ‘Ulu into about 1’ wedges are the best or sometimes even a little smaller if you like it crispy. Next you just throw it into the frying pan with your cooking oil, but make sure your pan and oil is hot once it starts to bubble a little and throw your ‘Ulu wedges inside to cook. These wedges cook very fast, but are also dependent on the size you cut the wedges. Next take them out and absorb the excess oil and put sea salt on and you’re ready to enjoy. Another alternative dipping sauce option is Ranch dressing.

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