Hoʻopili ʻAi – Uniting Keiki & Hawaiʻi Food Crops

Farm to school connects kids with their food and with the ‘āina, that which feeds and nourishes us all – fostering the next generation of healthy, caring stewards. Our new Hoʻopili ʻAi Campaign – Uniting Keiki & Hawaiʻi Food Crops is a partnership with the Hawaiʻi Farm to School Hui that provides students, teachers, school staff and parents with the resources needed to build lifelong relationships between youth and Hawaiʻi-grown staple foods!

Watch the full Hoʻopili ʻAi video series below to follow three different crops kalo, ʻuala, and palaʻai from the farm to the fork. This series is geared for K-5 students but can be adapted for older grades.

“Great mini lesson. The children were all willing to be risk takers and take a bite. Majority of them loved it!” - Waikiki Elementary Teacher

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Hoʻopili ʻAi – Uniting Keiki & Hawaiʻi Food Crops Lesson Plan

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“The tasting was simple and great. The video was very kid friendly. Kids really enjoyed the coloring page.”  - Waikiki Elementary Teacher


E Hoʻokamaʻāina I Ke Kalo: Get to Know Kalo!

Follow kalo in its journey from farmers' loʻi and mālaʻai across Hawaiʻi Island to the market where it is sold to a food hub and farmer cooperative before ending in a chef's kitchen in delicious kalo cheeseburgers!

E Hoʻokamaʻāina I Ka ʻUala: Get to Know ʻUala!

Follow ʻuala in its journey from Kohala's traditional dryland field system to the market where a food hub and farmer's cooperative processes it, and then to a chef's kitchen where we learn how to make sweet and savory ʻuala mochi!

E Hoʻokamaʻāina I Ka Palaʻai: Get to Know Palaʻai!

Follow palaʻai in its journey from a Hawaiʻi Island farmer's compost pile to the market where a food hub and farmer's cooperative processes it to finally be used in a chef's kitchen for Palaʻai and Bacon Mac n Cheese! Find the full recipe here.



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