'Ulu Ambassador: Justine Ma - Private Chef


Justine Ma - Private Chef

Justine Ma is a professional chef specializing in farm-to-table cuisine. She is known to travel around the world solo in order to learn more about different cultures and cuisines. After visiting over 70 countries, studying Northern Italian cuisine in Milan, sous-cheffing for James Beard Foundation celebrity chefs, editing food magazines in NYC and returning to Hong Kong to learn family recipes from her grandmother she planted roots on Hawaiʻi Island. 

Justine led a catering team for a CBS reality TV show on Hawaiʻi Island, sending out 500 meals a day for 3 months. Now she shares meals with guests who visit her farm and is known for her farm-to-table handmade dumplings and supporting small, local farmers, ranchers and fishermen on the island. Learn more about her experiences and services here.

"As a farm to table chef, it's important for me to use ingredients native to my location,” Justine said. “I won the Hawaii ʻUlu Coop's recipe contest with my version of ʻUlu Pierogies by using ʻulu that grows 20 feet from my kitchen!

I’m looking forward to creating more savory and sweet ‘ulu recipes in the future as an ‘Ulu Ambassador!"

Justine Ma's Recipe: Handmade Farm-to-Table ʻUlu Pierogies

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