Fresh and Frozen ‘Ulu

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We are able to offer fresh and ready-cut freezer packs of ‘ulu virtually year-round! Because our member farms grow different varieties of ‘ulu across many of Hawai‘i Island’s microclimates, our harvesting seasons are staggered throughout the year. Our strict production and quality control standards and recognition by the Hawai‘i Seals of Quality program ensure you’ll always get ‘ulu that’s fresh, food-safe, local, delicious, and kind to the ‘āina.

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Maturity Stages

Breadfruit can be eaten at every development stage. As the fruit grows, each stage yields a different taste and texture profile that can be used for specific culinary purposes:


baby ‘ulu
Baby – Young ‘ulu has a taste and texture similar to artichoke hearts and is ideal for pickling, marinating, or used like a firm vegetable in salads and stir-fries.
mature ‘ulu
Mature – Larger but nearly as firm as baby ‘ulu, Mature fruit has a potato-like consistency and can be steamed, boiled, fried, baked, or cooked the traditional way: roasted directly in a fire or imu!
ripe ‘ulu used in mochi
Ripe – As ‘ulu ripens it becomes soft and sweet and can be eaten raw or used in desserts and baked goods. Ripe ‘ulu has hints of sweet potato, banana, and pineapple flavors.

Our Products

We currently offer fresh, whole fruit as well as processed fruit that has been cleaned, cut, cored, steamed, and frozen. This ensures consistent, reliable, year-round availability. We offer processed fruit in the various cuts listed below to serve your foodservice needs and reduce prep time.

Whole Fruit
Fresh off our trees whole, washed, and packed. How you prepare it is up to you! 
Available in Baby, Mature, and Ripe stages.

Minimally Processed Fruit
Cleaned, cut, cored, par- or fully-steamed, and individually quick frozen (IQF) to preserve freshness. This ensures consistent, reliable, year-round availability. Our processed ‘ulu is available to wholesale customers in the following convenient, time-saving cuts:

Quarters – Available in Baby, Mature, and Ripe stages. Mature fruit is available peeled or unpeeled.
Fries – Unpeeled ‘ulu is cut into 10-mm thick fries for a local twist on a classic favorite. Available in Mature stage only.
baker's ripe
Baker’s Ripe – Super-soft, sweet, and fragrant fruit has been scooped out of the skin, steamed, and frozen for easy incorporation into desserts, baked goods, breads, and batters.

Shipping and Delivery

Please contact us at or 808-238-8869 for the delivery schedule in your region.

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