Support the Co-op

Interested in supporting our efforts to make breadfruit more available and appreciated in Hawai‘i? There are several ways you can help! Contact us at 808-238-8869 or to learn more about these and other opportunities to kōkua.



Sell us your breadfruit! We gladly purchase quality fruit from non-member farmers at a slightly lower per-pound rate than our members enjoy. Non-members are welcome to deliver fruit to our aggregation hubs in Hilo or Honalō but must coordinate drop-off day, time, and location with the manager in advance. Please review our harvesting manual before delivering to understand the fruit maturity stages we will accept. Fruit that does not meet co-op quality standards cannot be accepted.

Volunteer. Learn more about ‘ulu than you ever thought you'd want to know by helping us pack and move inventory, staff booths at educational and community events, or do an in-store product demo.


Eat more ‘ulu. The tastiest way to support the movement! Take it further by organizing your ‘ohana into an ‘ulu-buying hui and we’ll supply fresh or steamed-frozen fruit to your friends and family year-round.


Make a contribution. With our tremendous growth over the past year, we urgently need more chilled storage space. If you have large walk-in fridges or freezers, please consider donating them to the co-op! Financial contributions are also appreciated. 


Join the co-op. For membership info, please visit our Join the Co-op page.

Employment opportunities. As we grow we’ll need more staff. Email us if you're interested in working for the co-op and we’ll keep you in mind next time we’re hiring.