Kāpili ʻOihana Intern Reviews Three Delicious ʻUlu Recipes

Since 2019, HUC has partnered with the Kāpili ‘Oihana internship program to offer a digital marketing internship to young professionals interested in promoting local food and farming. Part of this position involves recreating and reviewing some of the ʻono ‘ulu recipes we've collected over the years. Check out the recipe reviews below by our summer ʻ21 intern, Hannah for ʻulu pancakes, warm ‘ulu salad, and ‘ulu pierogis! 

ʻUlu Pierogis

ulu pierogies

I decided to recreate the ‘ulu pierogis, also known as ‘ulu dumplings. 

Prior to starting, I kept thinking that this recipe would be super simple to recreate. However, I was proved wrong once the cooking started. A lot of work and preparation is necessary as you have to make the dough for the dumpling skins, get the filling ready, then roll out and shape the individual skins. On top of that, you had to fill the skins and carefully fold them to get their dumpling shape. While the process wasn’t the easiest for me, which could be because I’ve never done a recipe requiring so many steps, I was glad I went with it because the end results were so yummy. 

My parent’s opinions separated from mine, which was understandable as they weren’t used to the ‘ulu and dill flavors combined within a dumpling. Nonetheless, ‘ulu pierogis are by far the tastiest plant-based dumpling I have eaten. Each bite consists of a light and sweet, starchy goodness that can be paired with any sauce of your choice. I highly recommend using a sauce or creating your own, as the dumpling falls on the drier side if eaten alone. The sauce in the picture is an Asian-styled soy sauce-based dipping sauce that I made. If you would like to try it, the recipe can be found below! Enjoy!

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  • 2 Tbsp Soy sauce
  • 1 Tbsp Sesame oil
  • 1 Tbsp Vinegar
  • ½ Tsp Red pepper flakes
  • ½ Tsp Sesame seeds

Click here for the full ʻUlu Pierogis Recipe!

ʻUlu Pancakes

ulu pancakes

In recreating this ‘ulu pancake, I needed ‘ulu flour. Sadly, the store had run out of their ‘ulu flour, and it would be some time before they would receive a new batch. I needed that ‘ulu component so I substituted ‘ulu for the flour. In order to get that smooth consistency for the batter, I blended the eggs, water, and ‘ulu together, leaving the few unblended chunks to add some texture.

As the pancakes cooked, they looked so fluffy and the first thing it reminded me of was those Japanese souffle pancake desserts (just not that fluffy, lol). They came off the pan and I tried them. OMG, the texture was mochi-like and so chewy—most likely due to the use of ‘ulu instead of the flour, giving that extra starchiness. 

Not only was this a recipe I enjoyed, but the rest of my family loved it! Feel free to pair these ‘ulu pancakes with a syrup, honey or some sliced fresh bananas, strawberries, and blueberries. I ate mine with fresh fruit and it sufficed, complementing the sweetness from the ‘ulu and bananas within the batter.

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Click here for the full ʻUlu Pancakes recipe!

Warm ʻUlu Salad

Warm ulu salad

This ‘ulu salad is super simple to make and serves as the perfect on-the-go meal. Here, you’ve got your starch and veggies. The simplicity of this recipe makes it perfect for people to personalize to their liking, which makes things more enjoyable and tastier.

It was lunchtime and I had a 20-minute slot in between classes so I quickly whipped up this salad for lunch. My ‘ulu was already pre-cooked. All I had to do was chop up my veggies, add the seasonings and liquid ingredients and I was done. At first, I was a little skeptical and didn’t think that the salad would turn out that yummy with such few ingredients. But, I was proved wrong. It wasn’t until I tried the finished product that I realized the necessity of the ingredients and how their flavors contributed overall, despite how few ingredients were listed. 

With this salad, you get an authentic vinaigrette flavor thanks to the vinegar and olive oil. If vinaigrette is your thing, this is the perfect salad for you! The recipe didn’t include any toppings so I added in some goat cheese and pita chips, which made the salad taste 10x better. If you ever try this recipe, sprinkle your favorite cheese all over! 

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Click here for the full ʻUlu Salad recipe!

Mahalo Hannah for teaming up with us in summer 2021 and creating these helpful reviews!

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